LAHRC Workshop 2024, 6th-8th of June



Sofitel Reforma, Mexico City

7:00am – 8:00amRegistration/Check-In(Coffee, Tea, & Pastries)
8:00am  8:10am

Welcome Introductions: Mission Workshop Objective

Introductions: Learner Objectives and Disclosures

Sanusi Umar, Alejandro Gonzalez & Miguel Marti

Part 1: Donor Management and Instrumentation


8:10am – 8:20amHair Follicles and Scalp AnatomyDr. Sean Behnam (USA)
8:20am – 8:30amFue donor classification and implicationDr Umar Sanusi (USA)
8:30am – 8:40amScalp donor assessment and technology: Evaluation with artificial intelligenceDr. Christian Bisanga (Belgium)
8:40am – 8:50amThe Safe Donor AreaDr.Özlem Biçer (Turkey)
8:50am – 9:00amBeard and body donor area assessment and managementDr. Kavish Chouhan (India)
8:34am – 8:44amFUE-Linear Strip Excision ComboChristian Bisanga

Part 2: Recipient Management

Moderated by  Luis Nader

09:10am – 09:20amEstimating Graft Requirement, Graft Sources Based On Patient’s Situation And GoalsDr. Konstantinos Lampropoulos (Greece)
09:20am – 09:30amRecipient Slit Preparation: Methods And Tools. Their Pros And ConsDr. Christian Bisanga (Belgium)
09:30am – 09:40amRecipient Zone Complications: How To Avoid And Manage ThemDr. Viral Desai (India)
09:40am – 09:50amPremade Slits Vs Stick And PlaceDr. Özgür Öztan (Turkey)
09:50am – 10:00amRecipient Area Density : Best PracticesDr. Luis Nader (Mexico)
10:00am – 10:10amMini Sharp Implanters Vs Dull Implanters : Best PracticesDr. Antonia Andriopoulou (Greece)
10:10am – 10:20amImplanter Technology: Current And Future StatesDr. William Rassman (USA)
10:20am – 10:30amSharp Implanters, How To Attain High Density With Minimal Popping : The Moncada ApproachDr. Leoncio Moncada (Venezuela)


Part 3: Graft Integrity

Moderated by Anastasios Vekris and Francisco Le Voci
10:40am-10:50amDifferent Types Of Graft Injuries: Causes And PreventionDr Viral Desai (India)
10:50am-11:00amHolding Solutions: Current And Emerging TrendsDr Tayfun Oguzoglu (Turkey)
11:10am-11:20amGraft Out Of Body Time : What We Know And Current TrendsDr. Christian Bisanga (Belgium)
11:20am-11:30amLess Time For Hair Transplant Regrowth “Time To Regrow” : Current And Future TrendsDr Kavish Chouhan (India)
11:30am-11:40amJump- Starting Follicular Growth With Innovative Follicle Holding SolutionDr. Ken Anderson (USA)


Part 4: Before And After Surgery : Consultation And Follow Up Management

Moderated by Dr. Umar Sanusi
11:50am – 12:00pmThe Consultation Process: Important Considerations And The Difficult Patient (How To Approach)Dr Francisco Le Voci (Brazil)
12:00pm – 12:10pmFollow Up Cares After Hair Transplant In Aga And Cicatricial AlopeciasDr Mariana Lavia (Argentina)
12:10pm – 12:20pmMedical Therapy Before And After A Hair Restoration SurgeryDr Guillermo Guerrero (Mexico)
12:20pm – 12:30pmWhen Not To TransplantDr Bruno Szyferman (Argentina)
12:30pm – 12:40pmWhat is the x factor in hair transplantation and hair loss managementDr. Umar Sanusi (USA)
12:50pm-13:00pmWhen And How To Refer Or Seek Specialists Medical ClearanceDr Ricardo Mejia (Colombia)
13:00pm-13:10pmCare With Ergonomics In Hair SurgeryDr. Francisco Le Voci (Brazil)
13:10pm-13:20pmMedico-Legal Issues : From Consultation, Graft Extraction, Placement And Follow Up. Who Should Perform Them?Dr Luis Nader (Mexico)
13:20pm-13:30pmWho Is Black Market? How To Combat It And How Not To Become OneDr Ricardo Mejia (Colombia)
13:30pm-13:40pmRecruiting and training hair transplant staffDr Anastasios Vekris (Greece)


Part 5: Graft Excision Methods And Technologies

Moderated by Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu
13:50pm-14:00pmStrip Surgery : Indications, Best Practices And ComplicationsDr. Leoncio Moncada (Venezuela)
14:00pm-14:10pmStrip-Fue Combo: Indications And Best PracticesDr. Osei Tutu (USA)
14:10pm-14:20pmFue Technology Overview : Basic Principles, Punches And TechnologiesDr Umar Sanusi (USA)
14:20pm-14:30pmFue ErgonomicsDr Tayfun Oguzoglu (Turkey)
14:30pm-14:40pmManual Fue : My ExperienceDr. Özgür Öztan (Turkey)
14:50pm-15:00pmRobotic Fue And Hand -Held Devices: My ExperienceDr. Juan Carlos Maldonado (Colombia)
15:00pm-15:10pmMy Experience With Mamba Device In Hair RestorationDr Marie Schambac (Guatemala)
15:10pm-15:20pmMy Experience With Waw System And His Tornado PunchDr Ken Anderson (USA)
15:20pm-15:30pmZeus Device: An All Porpouse Skin Response Device And The Intelligent PunchDr. Juan Carlos Maldonado (Colombia)
15:30pm-15:50pmBeard And Body Hair Fue Studies And ExperiencesDr. Kavish Chouhan (India)
15:50pm-16:00pmFue In Afro Descendent Patient : Our Study And ExperienceDr. Martha Zolliger (Brazil)
Long Fue In Hair Transplant (The New Tendency)Moderator: Dr Alejandro Gonzalez
16:20pm-16:30pmLong Fue Studies; Methodologies, Transection Rates, Shaft Breakage Rate And Graft Excision RateDr. Kavish Choughan (India)
16:30pm-16:40pmLong Fue In Curly Hair: Important ConsiderationsDr. Alejandro Gonzalez (Mexico)
16:40pm-16:50pmLong Fue For Scalp RecipientsDr Tayfun Oguzoglu (Turkey)
16:50pm-17:00pmComparison Between Shave Fue And Long Fue: Does It Really Make A Difference?Dr Marie Schambach (Guatemala)
17:00pm-17:10pmLong Hair In Facial ZonesDr Alejandro Gonzalez (Mexico)


Part 6: Hair Transplantation The Arts And Science (Part II)

Moderated by Dr. Ricardo Mejia
17:20pm-17:30pmAnesthesia In Hair Transplant : The Best PracticesDr. Shadi Zari (Saudi Arabia)
17:30pm-17:40pmPlanning The Surgery For Optimal ResultsDr Ricardo Mejia (Colombia)
17:40pm-17:50pmThe Art And Science Of Hair Line DesignDr. Luis Nader (Mexico)
17:50pm-18:00pmThe Art Of Crown DesignDr. Martha Zollinger (Brazil)
18:10pm-18:20pmThe Art And Science Of Several BaldnessDr Umar Sanusi (USA)
18:20pm-18:30pmThe Art And Science Of Hair Transplant RepairDr. Bruno Szyferman (Argentina)



Part 1

Moderated by Dr. Umar Sanusi
09:10am-09:20amHow To Select The Correct Treatment In Androgenetic AlopeciaDr. Miguel Marti (Argentina)
09:20am-09:30amThe Benefit Of Nutricosmetics V/S MinoxidilDr. Diana Aline García (Mexico)
09:30am-09:40amThyroid Importance In Hair LossDr. Patricia Carmona (Mexico)
09:40am-09:50amUpdates In Lpp Manage And TreatmentDr. Ricardo Mejia (Colombia)
09:50am-10:00amBotanicals In The Treatment Of Hair LossDr Umar Sanusi (USA)
10:00am-10:10amThe Correct Manage Of Telogen EffluviumDr. Romina Moisello (Argentina)
10:10am-10:20amAga Simulators In Difficult CasesDr. Farh Sevilla (Mexico)


Part 2

Moderated by Dr. Miguel Marti
10:30am-10:40amHow To Evaluate The Prognostic And Evolution In AGADr. Miguel Marti (Argentina)
10:40am-10:50amPrimary Cicatricial Alopecia – United We Stand, Divided We Fall.Dr. Umar Sanusi (USA)
10:50am-11:00amDifferential Diagnosis In Androgenetic Alopecia: Clinical And TrichoscopyDr. Sonia Ocampo (Mexico)
11:10am-11:20amCapilar Cosmetic AspectsDr. Lizeth Rojano (Colombia)
11:20am-11:30amFibrosing Alopecia In A Patient Ina Pattern DistributionDr. Luis Sanchez (Mexico)
11:30am-11:40amNew Prospectives In Disectant CelullitisDr Aldo Galvez (Peru)


Part 3

Moderated by Dr. Luis Sanchez
11:50am-12:00pmAdvancements In Aga Management: A Deep Drive Into Photobiomodulation TherapyDr Ken Anderson (USA)
12:00pm-12:10pmFitness And Hair LossDr. Gerardo Rodriguez (Mexico)
12:10pm-12:20pmIpscell For Hair Loss And Hair TransplantDr Rattapon Thuangtong (Thailand)
12:20pm-12:30pmComprehensive Non-Pharmacologic Treatment In Autoimmune AlopeciaDr Karen Dourban (Spain)
12:30pm-12:40pmThe Difference Between Hyperbaric Chamber And Ozone Therapy After Hair TransplantDr. Anayene Mendez (Brazil)


Part 4

Moderated by Dr. Anastasios Vekris
12:50pm-13:00pmUnexpected Complications In Hair TransplantDr Gerardo Rodriguez (Mexico)
13:00pm-13:10pmEyelashes TransplantationDr. Marie Andree Schambac (Guatemala)
13:10pm-13:20pmHair Transplant In Linfocitic Cicatricial AlopeciasDr. Nestor Carreño (Peru)
13:20pm-13:30pmKeloid And Keloid Like Condition In Hair TransplantDr Umar Sanusi (USA)
13:30pm-13:40pmIf I Were To Do It Again: Sag Advice For The New Hair Transplant SurgeonsDr Anastasios Vekris (Greece)
13:50pm-14:00pmFacial Hair RestorationDr Anastasios Vekris (Greece)
14:00pm-14:10pmEyebrow TransplantationDr Alejandro Gonzalez (Mexico)
14:10pm-14:20pmArt And Science Of Grafting Secondary Scars (Iatrogenic Scars, Burns And Accidents)Dr Felix Popescu (Romania)
14:20pm-14:30pmFeminization In Hair TransplantDr. Amrenda Kumar (India)
14:30pm-14:40pmThe Effect Of Ozonotherapy In Treatment Of Necrosis In Hair TransplantDr. Anayene Mendez (Brazil)
Miscellaneous, New and Emerging TrendsModerator: Dr Tayfun
14:50pm-15:00pmThe Use Of Exosomes In The Management Of Androgenetic Alopecia/Hair LossDr. Sean Behnam (USA)
15:00pm-15:10pmNovel Holding Solution GcellDr. Tayfun Oguzoglu (Turkey)
15:10pm-15:20pmThe Powerful Role Of Regenerative Medicine In Hair RestorationDr. Ryan Welter (USA)
15:20pm-15:30pmPrp And Hair RestorationDr. Amrenda Kumar. (India)
15:30pm-15:50pmInteroperative Medicine Applications In Hair RestorationDr Ryan Welter (USA)
15:50pm-16:00pmGrowth Factors Concentrates And Hair TransplantationDr. Osei Tutu (USA)
16:20pm-16:30pmMesotherapy In Hair TransplantDr Miguel Marti (Argentina)
16:30pm-16:40pmRole Of Pharmeceuticals /Neutraeuticals In Hair TransplantationDr Umar Sanusi (USA)
16:40pm-16:50pmScalp Micropigmentation In Hair RestorationDr. William Rassman. (USA)
16:50pm-17:00pmPerson To Person Hair TransplantDr Felix Popescu (Romania)
17:00pm-17:10pmHair Cloning And Multiplication : Where Are We?Dr. Rattapon Thuangtong (Thailand)



8:00amFaculty arrive to the hospital
8:30amAtendees arrive to the hospital

Surgery Room 1

Surgery trainer chiefs: Dr Anastasios Vekris, Dr Ricardo Mejia and Dr Luis Nader.

10:00amShaved and long FUE case with Zeus and Mamba device. Manual implantation. Use of Gcell technologySurgeons: Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez
Dr. Marie Schambac
Dr. Antonia Andropulus (Implantation)
Technician team by Mxcapilar
Evaluation and design:
Dr Anastasio Vekris

Surgery Room 2

Surgery trainer chiefs: Dr Anastasios Vekris, Dr Ricardo Mejia and Dr Luis Nader.

10:00amShave and long FUE extraction with Zeus and Waw system. Implantation with implanter pensSurgeons: Dr. Ken Anderson (Extraction)
Dr. Oguzoglu Tayfun (Extraction)
Technician team by Dr T Hair Clinics
Evaluation and design:
Dr. Luis Nader

Surgery Room 3

Surgery trainer chiefs: Dr Anastasios Vekris, Dr Ricardo Mejia and Dr Luis Nader.

10:00amNanofat demonstration in LPP case and tricopatSurgeons: Dr. Ryan Welter
Dr. Yolo Mendez
Dr. Martha Contreras
Technician team by Trinita team
Evaluation and design:
11:00 amProjection conference room: Live workshop of the correct way to apply mesotherapyMiguel Marti and Dr. Gerardo Rodriguez
12:30pmProjection conference room: Live workshop of laser and manual micropigmentationDr. Bill Rassman and Mary Matsuda



8:00amFaculty arrive to the hospital
8:30amAtendees arrive to the hospital

Surgery Room 1

Surgery trainer chiefs: Dr. Umar Sanusi and Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez.

10:00amBody hair extraction with Zeus device and implantation with stick and place techniqueSurgeons: Dr. Umar Sanusi
Dr. Ozgur Oztan
Technician team by Dr. Ozgur Clinic

Surgery Room 3

Surgery trainer chiefs: Dr. Umar Sanusi and Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez.

10:00amLong FUE eyebrows using Zeus device and place with implanter pensSurgeons: Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez
Dr. Antonia Andropulus (Implantation)
Technician team by MxCapilar team
11:00 amConference projection room: Biopsy workshop and trichoscopyDr. Martha Contreras and Dr. Gerardo Rodriguez