Frequently Asked Questions

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Courses 2022 - Hands on Cadaver Lab Workshop FUE Hair Transplant


  • How do I register?

To register, please visit our Registration page and complete all required items in the registration form. You should receive an email and payment confirmation within 5 business days of your submission.

  • Are there any travel accommodations for the workshops?

Our team is happy to provide an invitation letter if necessary to aid in acquiring a visa. We will also shuttle attendees from the designated hotel to each workshop event.

  • What is this year’s live surgery?

This year’s 2022 workshop features two surgeries: Shaven Head FUE and Long Hair FUE with Manual Implantation and Afro Hair FUE and Use of Dull Implanters for Implantation

  • I want to sponsor this event. Where do I sign up?

Please visit our Exhibitors page. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • What can we expect for the programming?

The workshop will include social gatherings, entertainment, a professional medical conference, live surgeries, a fresh frozen cadaver lab, and more. View our full program here

  • Don’t see your question? Feel free to reach out using our Contact Us tool.