The Exhibitor Experience

As a sponsor for the 2023 Los Angeles Hair Restoration Courses (LAHRC) Workshop, your company will receive table top space at the workshop’s various events for company representatives based on your package of choice. The workshop, conferences, and other featured events allow you to network and share experience with professionals while increasing exposure for your brand. Enjoy the workshop programming while advertising your company’s products and services.

Exhibitor Workshop Packages

Silver Package $3,000

Your company will receive one exhibit 6-feet table top with spots for up to two company representatives. 

Gold Package $7,500

Your company will receive two 6-feet exhibit table tops with spots for up to four company representatives. On top of this communicative experience, your company’s logo and sponsorship will be included in our LAHRC faculty and attendees badges and brochure. 

Exhibitor Registration

How to register:

1. Click the red “Download Registration Packet Here” button to download a pdf version of the Exhibitor Registration Packet to your device

2. Fill out the registration form and submit your completed pdf file by selecting “Choose File”, attaching your completed form, and hitting “Submit”

3. Receive an email within 5 business days confirming your registration

Note: if you are looking to register for the workshop as an attendee, please visit our Registration page.