Our Mission

Our goal at Hair Peace Foundation is to help those who are suffering from severe, traumatic hair loss caused by accidents, disease or extreme botched hair transplant surgeries. We understand how crippling to your self-esteem hair loss can be in general, and even more when it is the result of a traumatic event. We also aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the latest treatment options available to those suffering from traumatic hair loss.
  • Promote research aimed at expanding potential donor hair transplant sources, such as gene therapy, cloning, and the use of body hair for transplant purposes.
  • Partner with similar organizations working with victims of traumatic hair loss, such as hospitals and burn units.

We want to help victims of traumatic hair loss throughout the world.

How It Works

The Hair Peace Foundation is a clearinghouse linking people seeking recovery from catastrophic hair loss with a network of hair transplantation physicians and professionals who are experts in the myriad of issues surrounding this sensitive topic. Our board of advisors, comprised of previous patients and medical experts, evaluate each patient application based on the applicant’s financial need and extent of hair damage. Once selected, we then help that patient find the right hair restoration physician from our network.

Why It Works

Our approach to hair restoration supports Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a minimally-invasive technique where individual hair grafts are removed one unit at a time from donor areas on the head or body and transplanted to the damaged area of the head. The phenomenal advantage of FUE, particularly for those suffering from devastating loss of potential donor hair on the head, is that hair from anywhere on your body can be used. This is advanced form of FUE is called Body Hair Transplant (BHT). By taking hair units from your arms, legs, chest and beard, the potential donor pool is greatly expanded, providing you with hair restoration options impossible under outdated hair transplant methods. Simply put, FUE and BHT procedures provide hair restoration options that did not exist in the past.